Dragonball Z Online Unlimited

by John007qwe
Dragonball Z Online Unlimited
Train to become the strongest!
Farcere. Farcere Farcere... Shia LaBeouf.
In response to Farcere
Farcere wrote:
Ive been waiting 32 long years for this game, hurry up or no cornbread for dinner you slaves.

Striking can't live without his cornbread!
Then let's give him peanut butter bread...
In response to Andrewonly
Andrewonly wrote:
Then let's give him peanut butter bread...

*throws peanut butter bread in strikings cage*
NOW get to work
I have a peanut allergy. *dies*
Those with peanut allergies do not actually live. Peanut Butter is god.
Gewd news. The comments everyone has mustered and ketchuped, all over the forums, has mayonnaised some courage for me to sandwich some sprites. I'm gonna work on Namekian and finish it John! Oh, and you fans!
Bruh,People have lives. Lol.
Andrewonly wrote:
So you're just now go finish Namekian sprites? How long has this game actually been waiting to be finished? I mean... YOU'RE JUST FINISHING Namekian? Attention everyone, my estimate for the game's release is 2085. <3

Don't be ridiculous.
great things to come
So.. How's everyone?
Guys... I'm not a very good person. So lazzzzzzzeeeeee
No more cookies for you! :(
Gonna fix my desktop on Wednesday and I'll be apart of the virtual world once more.
A muffin button?
A muffin button. What the...
Howdy Howdy ,still alive guys?
I'm still breathing, so I'd say yes!
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