Dragonball Z Online Unlimited

by John007qwe
Dragonball Z Online Unlimited
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so when this game gonna be up and ready to play?
Will there be a chance this game can be daily? Like, 24/7 servers?
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I assume so, but the hostings were demos of what was presently in the game- which wasn't very much.

Paul and John are hard at work to get the updates working. The primary issue with their work is that they don't have a good turf designer for certain zones they want to make.

Until the game can be considered "playable", there's a very low chance that it'll be 24/7 hosted.
Ok, thanks for the reply. Appreciate it.
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Gr_at_it_ude wrote:
Will there be a chance this game can be daily? Like, 24/7 servers?

It will be hosted 24/7. However, like Bloodmagekael said, it won't be hosted until there's enough content to make it playable.
Put screenshots after update ok
Work, school, work, school, eat, sleep, drink, and shit. It seems like that's all one can do nowadays. Anyways, I'm just here to let you guys know the game is not dead. Progress has just almost halted. However, we have still managed to add some new things for you viewing pleasure. That's right get those eyeballs all nice and clear. John and I have added in a new city! So far the only thing that has an interior is the gym. Feel free to provide feedback. I've added in some new animations for male tan. We've also consider revamping the combat system to make it completely more dynamic, and not just a button mash fest. Welp, I'm not sure how many of you are gonna read this, but it's here. Post on the forum HUB if you want a reply from me, or John, I suppose.
Tbh I hate dbz but the graphics for this make me want to play bro if you need some Iconning Im up for it i've gotten better at PA and Coding,I could do buidings lol,but yeah If you want to see any of my buildings msg me Striking
Thought I'd put an update since it has been a while.

We've been working on the new combat system, and it's almost complete. It pretty much just needs to be tweaked a bit, and maybe add a feature or two. Once that is done, we'll be working on getting the earth map done as well as some interface graphics that needs a rework. After that we will be test hosting to see if things work as intended (they should!).
Too bad no one reads this forum. :o
I do and the game seems be to running nice,count on me to spread this I'm sure I can atleast get 30 people on instant.
I feel like we should post something everyday.
Make it a awesome suprise xD,I see this game with a 60 average lol.Honestly probably more just keep working on it and improving it,the hard work will pay off for sure.
Finished working on the shop menu yesterday. Let me know what you think about it.

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looks nice
Looks pretty well done i hope it has more than 1 page.
That's amazing John! Lol @ the ketchup and I believe the scouter has a preview state.
how nice he added 2 new pictures.
i cant wait for this
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