Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

Poll: Wich direction?

Azusa Erotic Roleplay Mod 49% (83)
Azusa Battle Arena expansion 3% (6)
Azusa technology 47% (79)

The polls are now closed.

Azusa ERP mod = a 18+ Azusa global server, where ERP is allowed, and not only that, generations would go by the natural flow, baby births, penises at male bases, playable babies and mate-able npcs; adopt baby from bandits, and well, stuffs like that. In a new wipe erp server and see where that goes;

Azusa battle arena extensions would come with more fixes, more systems more arenas, more maps and more story modes to play.
More items, and mainly the rework at its rank-systems.

Azusa technology would unlock a new architecture line after reaching a req. year, and new recipes to be discoverable at certain line of int/years. and more.

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bring back PWO or at least make the host files public
Surpass pwo, boys, its long gone; lets hope someone else makes some cool pokemon rp soon
Vai toma no cu, negócio é o Erotic ser liberado no server principal a partir de um determinado horário, faz quem quer e participa quem quer.
nao, só em servidor separado e com gameplay especifica pra isso.
Vai tomar no cu Arcanine, espero que você seja estuprado na vida real, já não basta fazerem com regras, agora você quer me obrigar a ler nego só interpretar ERP no servidor principal? E meu pau, você não quer chupar tbm?
I'd prefer an overhaul of the build system and some changes to how sekishiki and stuff works mostly in regards to how its a hidden stat you aren't allowed to know is dumb cause cause knowing progress is being made can help with wanting to continue and from what i have noticed only the vet characters know any of the active training methods for EC from what i have seen aside from those that likely ask alot and its all in the Overworld so everyone in Hell is pretty much boned unless someone in hell knows one that i am unaware of
Mano, eu juro que eu vo uspamamr review negativa se vc fizer MEEESMO o troço do ERP seu macaco maldito
Meditate isn't vet method, you can get it from any player using the learn first method through rpp, or just grabbing some basic ranks
but keep in mind, repairs and balances are an always todo, we didnt have a single update without bugfixes and rebalances, so that don't even need to be discussed, the deal here is toward the new systems focuses for this year
In response to Kiminino
vc só consegue dar uma review lol, e tenho certeza q vc vai ser o jogador mais ativo do sv erp
Pokemon GO back to PWORP.
In response to Willdowe12
What about an ERP pwo? xD jk a side, theres no preview of pwo return
Alguém viu minha mãe? eu estou perdido e não consigo encontrar minha mãe
In response to OttavioVaz
nao sei como vim parar aqui, só tenho 8 anos uhsaduhasudhuashd
''generations would go by the natural flow, baby births...''

''playable babies and mate-able npcs; adopt baby from bandits, and well, stuffs like that''

Isso no server br pfv nunca te pedi nada
Vou poder fazer erp com cavalo?
Quem quer ERP liberado, so marcar horário que COMO VCS, ARROMBADOS.ò.ó

Inu nem de graça, VAI FAZER FUTURAMA [email protected]
In response to Inutaishos
safaduuuuuuu ò.ó
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