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Hazordhu 6103 is now live.

6103 - 4 additions, 5 fixed bugs, and 3 fixed glitches

  • All new tutorial! Much better than before
  • Added experience for failed gathering attempts
  • Crafting menus now display yield, where applicable
  • Moving now closes the storage window

Fixed bugs:
  • Rebalanced barricade collision [report]
  • Cave walls no longer become unminable [report]
  • Animals can be harnessed properly [report]
  • Animals now play sounds properly
  • Gathering success rate rebalanced

Fixed glitches:
  • Cave walls now render properly [report]
  • Changed a few caves to get away from the "loop" layout of cave entrances and exits
  • Chests no longer shift to the left when opened

Thank you for reading. Happy Roleplaying!

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