Naruto Evolution

by Squigs
Naruto Evolution: The New Era
If you'd like to apply for staff, here's the place to do it.

Please include in your application:
Your byond key
In game name/names
What you think puts you ahead of anyone else applying.

Keep it professional.
Byond Key: Green345
IGN: Lynx
What I think puts me ahead of anyone else: Well I try not to compare myself to others but I do bring multiple admin experience in a variety of games across my 10+ years on BYOND. I was an original iconner from the first Naruto Evolution, even still owning its first source and I'd love to bring my talents to the team. Thank you!
Byond Key: Crazyferret (sometimes use RetroLite)
In game name: Jay

I think I'm a good fit and should be ahead of anyone else applying for staff due to my experience with the game and devotion to helping new players and any players whenever I possibly can. I try to bring up as much beneficial ideas for game improvement and player engagement. I play a good amount of time which will allow me to be there to enforce rules along side the other staff most of the time and i am always one that the players can count on or look for. Another aspect is that I'm not the greatest greatest iconer but I can icon, making new moves if necessary and ones that look better then certain in game moves already (for example the spider arrow I made) or possibly even new hairs.
I just wanna be a staff member tirehero byond key in game name
I'm the only person qualified for this position