This is a list which I may or may not verify of developers which I think have reached an oustanding status with or without direct appraisal from other BYONDers.

NOTE: If you're not on this list you've something to work to. Also, being on this list doesn't mean that you're DM skill is high quality. You should recognize everyone on this list. Multi-keys are listed twice.

-Air Mapster
-Ben G
-Blast Production
-D4RK3 54B3R
-Evi of au
-Green Lime
-Iccusion Entertainment
-ITG Master
-Jon Snow
-Knuckles skater
-Lesbian Assassin
-Lord of Water
-Lummox JR
-Mobius Evalon
-The mothball
-Unknown Person
-ZOMBIES Entertainment

I went through the entire hub and created this list... So feel free to use it. XD
Outstanding status? Please check your records. I returned my status a week ago, a full day before it was overdue.
I think Gazoot belongs on there, as he has two of the three highest ranking Puzzle entries...
*Gasp* No jermman?!
Thanks, MD13!

I regret to say that I'm probably only familiar with the work of less than half those folks. Hopefully I'll rectify that as time goes on.
I can't believe I left Gazoot out. I guess I thought I added him between Gug and Garthor.
Why the hell did you add garthor?
Because somewhere hidden under his arrogance, aggresive personality, and rejectfulness to ignorance is a nice guy. =P Besides have you played any of his games? They're actually well made.
I don't see my name on the list. =|
You've forgotten a lot of people, including Loduwijk, DerDragon, YMIHere, and Vortezz.
Wow. You forgot me!
You've forgotten a lot of people, including Loduwijk, DerDragon, YMIHere, and Vortezz.

Texter. You know noone can whip up a say verb like he can!
MOB/verb/say(t as text)
user << "[t]" var

wtf? help me!
No Dession? :-(
Darn! I did miss a load of people! I apologize to those I forgot, but it is pretty hard to go through the entire hub and not a miss an entry.
Okay, I've annexed some names.
-The mothball

I'm ontop of the "T"'s!

The mothball?

Maybe I haven't kept up on what he has done recently, but were you drunk while writing this? :P

Then again, I see Kunark on there... I think this deserves the Kunark Approves Award:

*Gives two thumbs up and a big, cheesy smile*
Wow, I feel special...

I might feel special if the list weren't so huge :P.
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