I cant believe I'm going to say this, but I sometimes feel theres a group of Elitists on byond, its nice to see lists like this that include the quieter people (like me).
Yay, I made the list! Wooo.
A little late on the draw there, GD?
Light_Samurai? That's BS, he created an icon chat game, dbz game and other games with putting demos together and buying them off of people. And obviously you don't know me. I can create any 32x32 graphics in DM. Even graphics from 128x128 pixels. I am currently taking another art class at a school. Don't put a list of people you think can do stuff. Do your research.
I don't even recognise many of the names on there, and some of them have been, in my opinion, not very respectable; which makes the fact that I appear on the list less than flattering.
Man, I wish this topic would die a horrible, horrible death. It's brought back from death about once a week.
Sorry Kunark.
Maybe i'll use this list for my free BYOND Membership drawing contest!

Man, I wish this topic would die a horrible, horrible death. It's brought back from death about once a week.
xD I missed the list. I guess I haven't put out any outstanding demos or libraries...no original ideas.

Oh well. I'll live with not being respected. =D

Also, Hitako didn't make omega mall. Stad did then Hikato got the code and screwed with it.


He's been trying to sqweeze the PoA source code outa me lately... This gives me yet another reason not to give it to him!
*pulls out a very large pair of scissors*

Come here little post! posty posty posty!
<3 Kunark.
Garthor isn't really all that respected.
Actually he is by a lot of people. A lot of people hate him but a lot of people like him a lot... But in a developer sense, he's done some nice things.
this depends on what you mean by "respected developer". is that someone who is respected and is a developer? or is it someone whose developing ability is respected? and who are they respected by?

lots of people are respected because they made some crappy rip or icon chat (or rip of an icon chat) and gave people GM. its not the development of the game that gets them respect, but giving people GM.

changing the course of BYOND does not make someone a respected developer. however the story goes, raekwon is somehow tied with zeta and the source code being released. that has surely changed the course of BYOND, but i'm pretty sure that raekwon's code has given people cancer.
Why the hell is Scoobert on there? He is dumb as a rock.

P.S. Long live the dead post!
as for who asked what the game was called where you pee in toilets : http://games.byond.com/hub/Themothball/MothsUrinalAdventure
-Elation <--- RELEGR8'D
-Evi of au

Yeah, I'm real respected. And, y'know, a developer too.

That list is more akin to "Who's who" or a list of regulars.
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