They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, but "they" are morons because March comes in like a jerk and goes out like a bigger jerk, especially this year.

This week development was kind of scattered, with many irons in the fire. The biggest thing I worked on was trying to get topological sorting finally done for side-view and isometric modes, and I'm only sort of there. During testing I ran into some weird infinite loops that I think are still in the underlying algorithm, and I need to fix that even though I can no longer reproduce it after fixing some of the bad data that led to those cases. Thing is, those cases shouldn't fail in that way. So that means making a test build and seeing if someone can break it, or possibly making a test case that moves a mob through literally every turf on the map.

Another thing still heavily on my mind is making sure animation is fixed once and for all. The main issues here are transitions, which I mentioned in a previous Patreon post; parallel animations, which I think are mostly fixed now but still may have a few issues; and post-animation changes that need to be integrated into the whole. This is a difficult bear to wrestle with, although it's probably easier than the topological sort on a lot of levels.

Despite these big-ticket issues, I think we're zeroing in on an officially-stable build, and the beginnings of 514. So of course I also have to be hard at work on concepts for the future. This week I also spent some more time trying to puzzle out a shadowcasting algorithm because I honestly thought I had solved it—only to realize that solution wouldn't work either. I currently have an idea that I think would produce the correct results, but I also think it would require too many shader passes to be feasible. Still, the brainstorming continues.

Thanks all of you who've supported BYOND through Membership and various donation platforms, especially through what's been going on lately. I'm still here working through, so I'm grateful to all of you who help keep the lights on.

Here's hoping this month sucks less than last month. Although I'm still going to miss out on a zoo day for the third year in a row.
Keep up the good work
Woohoo! Topological sorting!
Hey Lummox JR, can you increase the overall font size of DM, specially the Help Files? A 20 to 25% increase would help. I have a 1080p <24" monitor, everything is tiny and the Windows 10 settings don't seem to actually help.
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*Thumbs Up*
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In case you were wondering, I nuked your feature request post because it was basically a shell of a post with no substance. I also believe there's a request somewhere for that already.
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What more substance do you want from "Increase the size of text in help files."?

At the most important, the content, the size seems to be at 11. You don't have a way for me to modify it, that's fine. I request the simplest and quickest solution.

Make all the text on the Contents, Topic and Search tabs size 16.
All titles/headers size 16 also.
All actual content/paragraphs 14.

The text already wraps around well, it's just very small.

Not sure what more substance you can put here. Examples?

I searched for "font", "font size", "help files" and "help file size" nothing similar came up, quick enough.

Ever read the story of how 5 minutes of actual work took 5 years to get done from the Visual Basic.Net team? Nice read.