Cowed Revival

by Cowed_Revival
Cowed Revival
A role-playing game set in a fantasy medieval world.
Hi, I've thrown together a quick guide on how to play the game;

You can move with either WASD or the Arrow Keys, just make sure you click the screen prior, or you might end up typing something weird in the text box.

You can grow or hunt for food.
Growing food is simple, dig up some grass with a shovel by clicking it with a shovel in hand, then hoe the dug up patch, stand over the freshly tilled earth, right click on the seeds and click "Plant". Takes a while, but they eventually grow into crops. Some crops regrow, some don't, up to you to find that one out. Warning though, your crops die in the winter, so make sure you get all your growing and stock piling done earlier.

Hunting is a little more cumbersome, you need to scour the island for elusive wandering animals, kill 'em by setting your intent to attack and clicking them, then loot the meat from their bodies(We don't have butchering yet). Don't worry about the populations running out, once a month, all the animals on the island respawn should their populations drop below a certain number.

So you're a bit of a miner or a miner 'eh? A man of after my own heart.

Mining: Simply click the verb, in your inventory "Dig Down" or something like that, if I've not changed it. Expect this to require a shovel in hand eventually, but I'm getting off track. Okay cool, before you hop underground, go grab your axe and chop up a tree. Wicked, you did it, now in the build tab, click "create fire", this will make an ever burning flame. Drag one of the log icons in your inventory into the fire pit, this should give you a torch. Equip that bad boy and hop down beneath the earth. Start clicking the walls of this underground utopia you've created, this will start breaking the walls. Each time a wall is broken, there is a chance, just a chance, a chunk of valuable ore is obtainable. Like you did with the walls, click that bad boy like a madman, each hit producing stone and ore. Cool, you're a miner now, but maybe ya can be more, 'eh?

Smithing: Back on the surface now, with some raw iron in hand, head to a fire and drag and drop the ore into the fire, that'll put it into a molten state. Right click the ore in your inventory to produce a sweet anvil. Start throwing all of your ores into the fire now, making them all nice and melty. Now throw your melty ores into a river to make them into ingots. Head back to the anvil and start clicking it, a menu should show up, letting you craft some items. Crafts are gated by your skill level, only the smith is a master of his trade at the start, so us lowly peasants start with humble tin, then copper, so on and so forth.

That's all you need to know for now anyhow, the rest is a mystery for you to figure out yourself, but most things follow the same sort of idea these boys above me do, drag, equip right tool, click