Howdy, BYOND community.

There's a user floating around random BYOND discords and other various games that're built with BYOND. His name is Killop, and he'll attempt to impersonate various BYOND members and ask for money through CashApp or some other money transfer app.

Here's an example of his antics. He's currently impersonating Zete, DMing Silver.

If you find a user like this, report it to your server's mod team, and don't be afraid to send them this message as well. As a backstory, this user has been attempting to sell ripped sources to various potential buyers, making sure to lie that he "got permission" from the previous source's owner that he's allowed to distribute them/sell them as they wish. He'll even post fake proof. It's pretty sad.

Here's an example of him claiming to own a game he most certainty doesn't own, WotS.

Here are couple other examples.

The reason this is an issue is because he's quite literally dragging the names of the people he's impersonating through the mud. Some people who have been impersonated have received some pretty hateful responses (Zete, for example,) and have had to do damage control as a result.

His previous account's name and discord ID is Killop#8048, but he'll probably have various other accounts as well.

I'm aware that posting his current information here will prompt him to create another discord account, but the main purpose of this message is to try and ensure that the various discord servers on the platform are aware of this behavior, and ensure he doesn't have a large amount of people to spread more nonsense to.

As an aside: This is out of the hands of BYOND moderators as the misbehavior is happening off-site. I know, I know, it's frustrating, but it's on the shoulders of the mods of your discord server to ensure he stays shut down. So, make sure they're aware!

Good luck, and happy gaming.
Delete his hubs /o/
Who am I impersonating lol, i hate these new generation of kids and i do own a version of wots its Shinobi online
In response to Killop
Nice meme.

How's impersonating a girl going for you?
In response to Spevacus
Ahaha stay mad buddy, its suits you well stay safe XD, and I am a girl lmao
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I'm pretty chill my dude, still cringing at you tho. :'(
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Cringe you idiot and have a good day