Hi everyone, is it possible to bind left mouse click to a keyboard key? or is there a way to do .click con current mouse pos? I'm looking for a way to hold the left mouse button constantly sending clicks within byond.
Mouse buttons can't be used as macro keys for mapping purposes, but you can map gamepad buttons to a mouse button. However it would not be able to spam repeated clicks.
Not sure if you still need help but you could just use an auto clicker. Google RS client auto clicker
You could use MouseDown() and MouseUp() instead of Click(), that way you can set up a loop that repeats the action until the mouse is released.
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Yeah. If OP is talking as a player, BYOND can't do it for them. In that case, this thread should be in BYOND Help.

If OP is the developer of the game, it's just a simple loop.

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