The Age Of Pirates

by Anthonyfile2
Based on a world of Adventure where you choose your role in the Pirate Age
Keywords: new, stuff
Applies to:Fishmen and logia users
Status: Open

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So u have probably gotten this before but adding NPCs to fight for things like money and exp would make the game more active adding things like the fishman water drop gun and energy steroids that fishmen can buy and then add different kinds of fishmen like sharks and octopuses where they get different skills like a shark could use their teeth as weapons like arlong then you could add fishmen karate that would be the most effective in a fight with a SF user then logias get special moves like sand would be able to suck the water out of stuff canceling fishmen karate and they can create sandstorms to cover areas with sand faster then with extract element. chili would be able to freeze people and water and make like ice spikes thats all i can think of right now tell me what u think i know its kinda long but dont just take a look at it and go back to playing the game it took a while to think this stuff up sp plz be kind oh and i can also host if u ever need a new host
i want a sf randomizer that u put sfs in and a new sf will coem out at random u put 2 in and 1 comes out also need money like idk 50mill a use
_> hope tht was an interesting idea what if u get panda
Quests must be added based on your race,class and rank you will be able get another quests. Of course some quests will be able get it by everyone
Mobs i believe mobs must be added mobs will drop money exp and chances for items.
Craft system and materials system will be 3 diference Craft proffesions: Carpenter: that will be able udpate your ship or create new ships for your crew.
Blacksmith: that will be able create weapons or cannons for ships
Tailor: that will be able create cloth or update ship rags

Equipments that giving stats must be added and i believe must be 4 types of Equipments in my opinion:
Regular: that will be able bought by any shop and easy found them by killing mobs or being crafted
Unique: that will be able bought by some <> will less chance for found them by killing mobs and crafting will be a little harder
Elite: will be droped arround the map randomly like DF
Legendery: You will need some Materials that will be very hard founded + elite equip so in some way you going update the elite to legendery
Diference: weapon will deal more damage based on rank while your cloth will enchant armor
at same time Elites will enchant 1 stat when LEgendery 2 stats like endurance str, speed
Legendery and elite equipements will not be able looted

Class: Revolutionary army i beleive must be added and they will have as worst enemy marine(world goverment)

Max level: max level must added like 500

Selectable race: i beleive you msut be able at start select your race and not be in random so you will be able select Human,Fishman,Giant,Cybrog : fishman will have crazy boosts on water + the already thinks + fishman karate.
Giants will have the best Stat boosts + the already
while Cybrog will have good armor boosts but a lot of new skills that can be learned only by cybrogs
anyway in 1st view humans seems unbalanced but if you select human you will be able select traits which means special power here is some:

Blackbeard trait: you are able get 2 DF powers at same time

Fighting master: you will do 25% more damage with any skills that doenst have to do with haki fighting masters will not be able eat any DF at all but they will be able get somethink else instead of DF when you reach a weapon/art mastery 100 you will be able select a new power for Swordman Santoryu or one sword master,
For foot : Black leg (sanji techinque) or KArate master
For Staff: Mage artist (Nami skills) + somethink else i dont have sometink on mind :P and like that for other skills
anyway you will able select only 1 skill for master so you will not able have sanotryou and black leg at same time

Will of D: you will be able take every haki that exist and your haki will have 25% better effects smaller cooldowns and smaller draining

Tutorial island: on tutorial island you will be able reach until level 100 but tutoril island will change based on your race on tutorial island you will not be able kill or hit players at all and you will have some quests that will help you learn the game in general the last quest wil ltell you select class so after you select class you will teleort on 1st island that island you will get at is based on your class that you selected

that is my ideas i hope you like it </<secret>