by Magicbeast20
An online RPG experience.
Times of devastating war are upon us...
Mighty gods battle at their might against each other...
While us mere mortals are caught in the conflict.
May be it you who rises up and declares peace...
Or tremble in darkness with the rest of civilization.

The choice is yours.... become a legend... a legend of Elander....

Elander is a Combat-based RPG where players take on the role of guardians of their villages. Choose from several unique and individually crafted clans, embark on quests to learn lore and unlock abilities, combat opposing villages, and join up with friends and battle large-scale bosses!

Design your own character! Select different abilities on your own accord and craft your own unique character.

Each village is uniquely designed and features their own unique unlockable skills players can earn through experience. Players will be able to achieve new ranks within their village to gain access to more areas and challenging quests and tasks.