Ninjas Roleplay Generation

by Ninjas Generation
A fantasy roleplay/pvp game based on the Narutoverse.
As we head into the first ever wipe of NG, a the new default for nrp, we want to notify you all that throughout this first wipe there will be many things that still need to be tested. Events may be frequent in order to do so and to solidify the nature of the ic, we've offered a story to back-ground your Current IC when the time has come. Please feel free to read below!"

What does it mean to be a shinobi? This is a burning question within the minds of many but the many do little to try and answer such a question. Shinobi constantly fight against each other, leading to the loss of life regardless of age. What if one could redefine what shinobi do and unify the world under one goal, one truth?

After years upon years of research, one known as the “sacred shinobi” finally done it! - creating a being of untold strength, potential, and knowledge! His attributes far exceed anything that the shinobi could have ever imagined! With such a great breakthrough came with great sacrifice, however. The sacred shinobi had to take the lives of many of people – but all worth it in the for their cause and their sacrifices will not be in vain. What started as a dream, a simple “goal” - started to take shape and was soon on the verge of becoming reality.

Sometime had passed, and five perfect beings had been created. Five artificial lifeforms that will hold the name of “shinobi” moving forward. The sacred shinobi tattooed their numbers to various parts of their body to distinguish them a number that will be their indication of power and strength! With these new so called “shinobi” the sacred being could move forward to gathering even more strong sources of chakra. Thus beginning his mission of replacing all living shinobi of the world.

Arcs I: A world divided
Arch Info:
- With the disappearance of the Kazekage, the Village Hidden in the Sand is on the brink of total collapse. The leaf and sound villages are on the move, growing in power as they prepare for what seems to be the inevitable warp between the two villages. With the Sand currently being the neutral village, leaf and sound try to persuade it’s current leaders to join in their efforts to take out the other village. Things change however when the new Kazekage is selected on of which is regarded as the strongest shinobi that has ever walked the lands.

Arch II: On the move
- More and more of the world’s strongest shinobi start disappearing under the noises of the villages. This prompts the Sannin to put their differences aside and work together to investigate. (This arc will change/be added upon depending on what all goes down via the first arch.)