It appears a few bugs escaped detection recently, some new and some not so new, so I've been working on those. My goal was to get a release of 513.1525 out this week, but I ran into a complication. A bug report that I decided really is more of a feature request still needed attention, and it led me down a path I haven't quite emerged from yet. Suffice it to say I haven't decided how this feature will be implemented and the backend is currently in a bit of an exposed-wires state while I figure it out.

During the week I also had some inspiration when it came to optimizations. I realized that there are many places in the code where the same logic is repeated, that would be better served by a helper function, or a handful of them, that could do it for me. More than that, this logic was already using several helper functions that made it slower than it had to be, using multiple if/else tests on the same exact thing when it could have used just one. (I'll talk about that more in today's Patreon post.) This could have a very positive impact on proc performance.

Currently my plan is to give 513 at least one more beta release, which would be 1525, and if I can get the new feature I mentioned sewn up for that release, my plan is for the next build to be the new stable build. 514 is coming soon!

And for that, I have some big plans already. My to-do list of features for 514 has grown but it isn't the absolute monstrosity that 513 and 512 were. It will undoubtedly continue grow. I still very much welcome your brainstorms, especially for features that really need a new major version to make sense like language stuff or built-in procs for things that are hard or impossible to do in soft code. I have a few language items on my list already.

Thank you so much to all of you who've become Members lately, or shown your love through donations or on other support platforms. I love that I can keep bringing you new fixes and features.

Spring has finally arrived and decided it's high time we plow right ahead into summer! Unfortunately still no zoo day for me; the zoo won't reopen until Saturday and then it's by reservation only, which sucks, and anyway my feet are still jacked up. But as a consolation prize, I get to have some wonderful allergy attacks. This is Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, although you might not have noticed because there are no blockbuster movies anyone cares about (or can see in a theater) and all the usual trappings are in limbo this year. Still, make the most of it and I'll see you Tuesday!
Very good news, keep it up !!