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It's hard to find specific sprites inside .dmi files when there's a lot of them

let's say I want to find "sword"

I have to spam S and left arrow key slowly parsing each icon starting with the letter "s" until I find "sword" sprite

I think a search bar would make finding stuff like this easier
.-. its already a thing?
try that search bar under the list of files.
No, I mean inside the .dmi file itself. Not in the directory.
Just start typing and it should take you to the right icon state.
In response to Lummox JR
Yeah. Just type "sword" fast enough and it'll focus on whatever starts with "s", "sw", "swo", etc., so you don't have to mash S. Fun fact, Windows file explorer does this too.

Still, Windows file explorer has a search option. It's becoming quite common for programs which involve a lot of things to have a kind of "quick search" accessible from anywhere to take you anywhere. If DM were to get one, maybe it could give you results including icon states of matching name, in addition to being a combination of the existing File and Object search bars.
I would still prefer a dedicated search bar since some names have underscores and stuff

and also cycling between same names would be much easier