Was wondering if anyone has seen this before? And if so, do you know what causes it? I'm not sure if it's a coding issue or not o.o but It only happens when you reconnect to the game. Oddly enough if I don't reconnect for say.. 5 mins+ it doesn't do that. Any ideas? Thank you =).

If anyone would like to know the skin settings, let me know.
The window you have the image on is set to be re-sizable. Disable that.
winset(C, null, {"
default_window.child_main.left = "pane_splash";
default_window.can-resize = "false";
default_window.statusbar = "false";
default_window.titlebar = "false";
default_window.macro = false; = false = "false";

This is what I currently have for that window, I don't see anything wrong with this code but if you're right, then how do I fix this code? :O
The pane_splash is likely the window with the issue.
Hmm, in the skin? I didn't see an option for resizable but I will double check. Any other theory's by chance? I know I can't think of anything T.T
Yeah I checked and definitely don't have an option to resize. Has visible, and "is a pane, not main window" checked off, and is centered.
Nobody knows a fix? T.T
The thing you're seeing is the drag element of windows. It's only visible if the window can be resized. You're either looking at the wrong setting or the wrong window. The setting is under the "Config" tab in the latest BYOND beta releases.

I just double checked that it does in fact go away when the window can't be resized.

Your other issue is that the element showing the content doesn't fill the window entirely and stops short of the bottom.

So this is what it is suppose to look like. And I did double check, it's called pane_splash in the skin.dmf. Not the best skinner ngl but I don't see any options to rezise or not resize the window in skin.dmf :P. Not sure where else the window can be edited like that x.x. Thank you for your help though.

The white is not part of the window at all btw, I just put it on a white background so you can see the window better.
You'll want to uncheck the "is pane" box first, then the options should appear. Probably not the most intuitive thing.
I'll make a proper report to Lummox about the issue in a bit, it's likely something that got overlooked with the recent interface editor upgrade.

So if it isn't a pane then this happens, and the login becomes a bit useless lol. Is there no way to disable the drag feature and keep it as a pane?
I did notice that there is a section for a resize command.. Is there anything I can put in there that can disable the drag feature?
If you disable the pane option, uncheck the resize option that appears and set it back to being a pane it should resolve your problem.
So I thought you might say that. When I disabled the pane option the resize was already unchecked. I did try all options... checking resize, running game, uncheck and re-enable pane option but nothing seemed to work. Are we stumbling onto a bug or am I overseeing something lol?
Yeah, it's a bug. I'll post a report when I'm at my computer.
oof ok! Thank you for all your help, I guess I'll just wait for a fix ^^.

So I'm not sure if this matters at all Nadrew, but I've found that when I login for the first time, the panes do NOT have the drag feature but if I reconnect via F1>>client>>Reconnect it always adds the drag, AND gets bigger every time(See pictures). Now if I exit out and open the game via source build>>Run the drag feature is gone again. Have not tried via dream seeker. Might later tonight. Now idk if any of this will make any difference but I guess it can't hurt to try and help :/.

If this does end up doing any kind of good I'd be happy to try TV to show what happens whether it be you or someone else. Thanks ^.
There's a bug report for this now (id:2575630) but I need a test case and full information to proceed. Please post all the details you can along with a link to some code that will reproduce this in that thread.
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