Is it possible to give the opacity variable an assigned texture. I have the map set to a not quite black color to see how it looks so I want to also set the opacity (normally just a 32x32 black box) to the same texture so it blends together like it would if the background was also black.

thanks for any help.
The "opacity" you see can be one of two things:
  1. Blackness drawn on plane 0 for mobs with SEE_PIXELS or SEE_BLACKNESS enabled in their sight variable.
  2. Lack of anything being rendered, so the background color of the map element shows through.

It doesn't have an icon, either way.

One thing you can do is add something to client.screen that fills the view, but is on a plane below the world plane (and layered above the blackness, if any). Effectively, it'll be layered below anything you want to see, and appear where there is nothing to see (in opacity).