Dragon Ball Super - RP Online

by Leronx2
Dragon Ball Super - RP Online
Dragon Ball Z Game With In Dept Game Mechanics, Steep Learning Curve
Dragon Ball Z Game Based Off Original Files(Finale Master) Dragon Universe And Role-Play Tenkaichi Was Made From, People know it as DBZ Climax in 2020. Updating Maps and Base icons and other things. Looking for people to help with coding, Iconing, Mapping and GFX Artist for Hub. Contact me on Discord ( https://discord.gg/dYQ93m7 ) and look for Leronx2 if you are Interested in Joining the Team. We Hosting on a Shell Server (reduced lag/DDOS Protection/No Crashes). Will be updating the game regularly too.

DragonBall Super RP Discord: https://discord.gg/sru5dp7

[The Team]
OWNER/HOST : Leronx2
Iconer: Princess Cane
Mapping: Gokuwarior213

Disclaimer: We take no credit from this game however all of the new icons being updated and made are original. Thus ripping/copying of this game is STRICTLY prohibited! Caught ripping/copying any source of this game means a report to BYOND Staff.

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