After starting the month with ridiculously cold weather including snow, we ended on a high note—literally. Now the oppressive heat is about to break and it looks like we're gonna start the cycle all over again, but hopefully with less snow. Still feels wrong turning the furnace back on in June.

The heat this week really got in the way of development for a while, but I did what I could. 513.1525 is finally out, with a number of overdue fixes, and I still think it's likely to be the last beta release of 513, even though it appears that one of my earlier bug fixes got undone.

There were some very interesting finds on the bug report front for this release, including one that was basically another side of an earlier issue I had fixed involving large maps, and my new fix ended up completely obviating the old one so I changed some code back the way it was before. As part of that I very nearly considered changing the .dmb format going forward in 514 (which is going to have some other changes anyway), but the patch I put on this for old .dmbs actually made more sense to keep using for new ones, instead of mandating a format change.

Although there are still small issues on my plate I think we're still on track for 1526 to be the stable release, and with a bit of a lull yesterday I decided to move forward on some 514 features. I discovered that my proposed physics for particles had some serious issues now as a result of the way timing has changed: when I changed gliding to be tied to actual elapsed time instead of ticks, I realized particles would need the same thing and that opened up a huge can of worms. I'll talk about that more today in the Patreon post.

To all of you, I'm incredibly grateful for your support these past couple of months with the whole lockdown thing going on. Thanks to everyone who helped BYOND out by becoming a Member or by supporting us through various platforms including Patreon and SubscribeStar. You keep these exciting big-feature releases coming.

Circumstances may have transpired to make me afraid of my grill, but I'm hoping by the time the weather gets nice again that won't be an issue. Steak ho! For those of you not encumbered by a debilitating condition, get out there and get your meat on, and don't you dare wear a mask.
I'm just about done with gas grills. Tired of walking away wondering if this will be the time it catches on fire and explodes. My traeger and weber are all I really need. Wife is hounding me about all the space my grills take up anyway. :)
Keep up the good work! :)
Keep it up Lummox !! Eager to see that particle system working !!