Hello Readers! I hope that youíve all had a great month of May, how the time has flown! My hope is to claw back to a normal release schedule going forward, as once per month is just too long of a span, and over six weeks is even more-so. That aside, there have been some great developments going on around the site from new and old developers alike, so check them out and enjoy. After all, summer has now unofficially begun!


BYOND has seen an incredible number of bug fixes and new features these last several weeks! BYOND Developer Lummox JR added a new topological sort for side and iso maps. Over in the icon editor, pallet editing, color selection, and background grids have been improved. Performance gains were made in large right-click menus, gliding is no longer tick-based, and a visibility bug was resolved. Looking forward to BYOND 514, the change to gliding has thrown a wrench into his particle engine, identifiers in animations were considered, and a few thoughts about inline procs were shared!


Foreword has been released by Yut Put! Foreword is an RPG that follows the story of the last Playwright, rewriting history as he fails, to overcome the Order, and is a follow-up from the events that occurred in Epic, Epoch, and Nother! While Yut Put mentions the game isnít up to his standards (Use the .zip link to download), the gameplay is highly unique and awesome! And if youíve been looking for an RPG that has been developed underground, complete with custom graphics, storyline, and sounds, for the past few years, then this is what you have been waiting for!

Kozuma3 is working the earth and has given rise to the farming skill in Elora. The new system features ten crops that require tilled ground and regular watering to produce plump and delicious vegetables. Additionally, it appears that food and water survival requirements are in effect, and bags have been added to expand carryable capacity.

A recent survey of PVP in Sigrogana Legend 2 has prompted Devourer Of Souls to make many changes to combat and skills within the game. The game is now experimenting with changes to how turns are taken, similar to the way the system worked in the original Sigrogana Legend, skill usage costs increase when a skill has been used consecutively, and dozens of changes to skills and abilities have been made as well. A review of frequently used features has led to reduced CPU usage, and battle backgrounds have been temporarily disabled.

Acebloke is back to upgrading features and making improvements to Wargames2! The past month and a half heís been converting HUD elements over to interfaces, upping the AIís intelligence, and pushing the starting age even before pre-civilization. Research now plays a more important role in how progression occurs, as depicted by a spaghetti noddle chart. And world events, like a meteor strike, are impending!

The developer of Cowed Revival has taken a step back on developing the cow-inspired role-playing remake after achieving a completed game! With that he has opened development up to the community, placing the source in a GitHub environment where all can make changes and add features.

Hartwing shared two images from the lo-fi graphical game Realms - previously referenced as Adventure Quest. The first shows the local town, and the player brandishing a blade, complete with all of the standard RPG elements. The second image captures the wilderness and the coloration variations really create a beautiful scene.

While the game itself has not appeared to change much over the last several years, Kill Joy by Deathmonk has had hosting files released so that players can enjoy the arena styled PVP combat with their friends!

Poplavaís LootGrinder is taking shape! Posting multiple times a week in the DreamMakers Discord, he covers the progression of the world map, design of workbenches, the performance issues of unneeded tooltips, the action bar's revamp, and he reflects on his progress so far as he nears the halfway mark of his 1000 hour game creation goal.

Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar has seen a wide array of new changes and additions. Poisonous magic has been discovered in the kingdoms, and new hairstyles are available. New rules establishing how combat should carry out have been established, members of the royal family have been slain, mysterious wraiths and witches have made themselves known, and multiple tournaments have taken place, with battle royale events in between.

Yut Put has shared a brief screen capture of his latest retro-style development! Watch as he triggers and dodges some laid-out traps, and takes to combating a huge boss with an even bigger paddle, which destroys his chamber and ultimately nixes Yut Put.

Rise of the Pirates is having a double exp event to encourage players to grow their characters in skill and valor during the pandemic, and it appears that event continues in at least one of their online servers! And as players continue to use their characters, their account will grow in class mastery, granting players the ability to use special skins, which affect the appearance of skills when they are used.

Looking to catch some fish, but the weather just isnít cooperating today? Mecha Destroyer JD has the answer with the latest update to Fish Adventure. Ten new fish have been added to the hybrid fish simulator and turn-based combat game, worms can now be obtained by digging, and a brief image of the catch appears if the reel-in was successful!

Fantastic Martial World is the name of the latest release by Lawpiecla1. The RPG in its infancy focuses on the ancient Chinese concepts of martial arts and immortality. Currently, players can explore the rudimentary city, clear packs of wolves, and train in their abilities, while searching for resources under orange tiled trees.

Fushi announced that they have resumed work on Kaizoku, a pirate-themed RPG! After reflecting briefly on the passing of Kidpaddle45, an update was posted, raising the world FPS from 10 to 40, and focusing mainly on code optimizations, graphical changes, interface improvements, and bug fixes.

Bumblemore has continued to make progress on Demon Revolution. Many new features have been added or refined since the last version I played, transformation into a werewolf has been stylized and police and townspeople travel about and attack back. Skills, such as demonize and summoning dragons is in. And I thought I saw all of the tongue-in-cheek posters and signs from the first go, but there are certainly some more good ones now.

While the post documenting the recent changes to Avalon has disappeared, the upgrades are still available on the hub, ready to test out! Most of the interfaces and menus appear to have been modified and graphically improved, new chatty NPCs have been added to the first town, and a new cave is ready to be briefly explored and cleared.

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Amazing work as always Higoten !!

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Eeeyyyy how long has it been since I was featured on one of these ;p Cool stuff still happening on BYOND, NOICE!
Byond crashes when ever i try to update to beta for ss13
Good work from everyone!
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Byond crashes when ever i try to update to beta for ss13

You should post about that in BYOND Help, and post a lot more details. We also need info from the crash itself. The Windows event viewer should have details on the crash which include the module where the crash occurs and at which offset.
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It's been a while, but I spelled your name correctly on the first try this time, Aceblock. ;)

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