Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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These are pretty important for comfortable use of vis_contents, unless i missed them being already implemented i request these to be added.

Overreliance on planes to apply transform or filters to vis_contents is quite tiresome and doesn't breed healthy enviroment to work in, so alternatives such as these would be nice.
If you apply the KEEP_TOGETHER appearance_flag to things don't they inherit the filters and whatnot? Last I used them I believe it did.
Let me try it.
No, not for the visual_contents it seems.
Nadrew forgot to mention that KEEP_TOGETHER applies to the parent, not the children.

Color, alpha, and transform however should be inherited by any objects in visual contents regardless, unless they use one of the RESET flags and of course the parent does not use KT (or they use KEEP_APART themselves).

Filters on the other hand will absolutely require you to use KEEP_TOGETHER if you want them to affect multiple icons in one go. You could apply filters separately but it will perform worse and never look as good.
I think info about KEEP_TOGETHER in reference should clarify that it affects vis_contents too, because it only mentions overlays there.