Hey old friends and Fellow Byonders, just a little update,

I hope everyone's doing okay through the hard times and life in general, i still pop by now and again and have a look see, does feel quiet but I've noticed a lot of promising and good updates from lummox still going on in the back ground.

I miss a lot of you, and the hopes and dreams of making succesfull games is somthing I've put on the back burner.

Life is good for me, i own my own house which I have for last 2 years, happily in love as such to be expected from a soppy Teka, Had a job change last year which is slightly more money so that's good, also getting married and planning our wedding for april next year whixh should be a lot of fun.

And finally that we are expecting and will have a baby Teka by the end of the year! Which is very exciting and I cannot wait to have my own little minion!

Shameless links bellow to any donations if anyone feels the warm and fuzzies!
If you feel the urge to help us we would appreciate any thing at all!

Amazon baby Wishlist

Congratulations on your advances in life! Having a minion is quite the experience, Ill never forget the days of early parenthood <3. Ill have to check out the Wishlist tomorrow and see what I can manage for you. The early days are a lot easier with help of diapers and clothes/toys - %100. Got the wishlist bookmarked already.

I myself just came back to Byond a yesterday night, after bouncing off and on for a few days here and there for the pass 8 years or so. I use to be a Top Benefactor for quite a while. Ive advanced in other programming languages since I left, and since I took a break(a long one haha)I am going to start updating my games, and perhaps creating an even bigger family for Byond, as my old game(s) use to peak over 100 players for a while after fresh player wipes.

Perhaps we might see you around more often, if byond does liven up? Anyway- Take care! Glad to see youre doing good!
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Thank you very much! I can imagine it being hard, messy and stresfull but I am looking forward to it and all the other perks that come with it!
Ah wow i didn't truely expect much of a response to my
wishlist but that would be amazing and very appreciated!

Welcome back then! Yeah i suppose i'm the same i just bounce on and off and take lomg lengths of absense from the community, but I haven't put my hand to any games or artwork in many years and can't see myself doing that again.

But good luck with your games and I hope to see the place liven up :)
I assume all of byond is invited to the wedding

Byond's Gangsta
Oh, it's Teka. Sometimes, I forget which one is really him. We may never find out.
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Hmm that's worth considering... but I don't think i can promise anything! And unfortunately most Byonders live too far away!
Congratulations ! =D
That's crazy I just came back on BYOND to see how things were going and came to see this post. Brings back some nostalgia for sure.

It's nice to see you're doing well! Congratulations on all those big accomplishments.

And thank you for my first BYOND membership hahaha. Truly the kindest person in this community.
<3 I'm glad life is looking up for you Teka!!
Hi. I still lurk in the shadows around here, reading, but never speaking.
@ Lige it's been such a long time since anyone made that comparison lol, how dare you drudge it back up :P

Awwh Atrios It was always my pleasure as the community was a big part of my growing up, There's people who are far more kinder than myself but couldn't do what i did, I was just trying to make others happy and keep things going the best i could.

Thanks everyone, for all the support and friendship i've experienced here :) <3

Hey Teka. Sounds like fatherhood will be a blast. My kids are 12 and 10. Time flies... and they get more expensive as they get into sports and such. Lol. Save your Byond Dimes!
Much love Teka! Super glad to hear from you, all the best wishes. Bookmarked the wish list as well, how can I not get something for little baby Teka after all his papa has done for the community!
My wife and I just had our virtual baby shower thing last weekend. I'll check out your registry and see what we can get you.
Happy to hear you're doing well and congratulations!
Whats the chances I pop my head back into byond to see this, Tim I'm so happy for you man.
David. *Casual Nods*
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Howey wrote:
David. *Casual Nods*

Liam, one for you too.

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