Just so many brilliant people here really! Thank you all again, i truely appreciate if anyone can help in anyway, and thank you to those who have!!

I'm just happy seeing old friends and familiar names popping by and reminding me of the enjoyment we had in the past and all the connections and community we had <3 :)
Its good to see you back on here Teka. hope you're doing well.
Thank you so much to those of you who took the time to look at our Amazon baby Wishlist and get somthing for our little baby girl!
Yup it's a girl, i juat realised I hadn't announced that on here! Extremely excited and even though there's still around 17 weeks left the baby room is virtually done!

Asked for help and possible gifts as a stab in the dark at my old community I loved and didn't know what to expect but for those few out there who have supported us, we can't thank you enough, the amount of happiness a surprise gift can bring, i can only hope I did the same for some of you back in the day :)
Hey Teka congrats on the baby. Glad to see your doing well with everything. Never though I would see you being an adult who would have guessed.
Congrats on the child, Teka.

I'm pretty damn late to the thread but congrats!

Mine is much less interesting: I left Google for more pay at Facebook, which I regret (but now Google is in hiring freeze due to COVID so I can't "boomerang" back), have a girlfriend that loves me but I'm not in love with, and a girl I do love that doesn't love me.

And I'll probably leave FB soon for Amazon; from what I can tell both are meh places to work (life: no, $$$: yes), and Amazon pays less than FB, but Amazon does at least have an office where I'd prefer to live outside the usual Bay/Seattle/NYC.
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Hiead wrote:
have a girlfriend that loves me but I'm not in love with, and a girl I do love that doesn't love me.

Why is this a thing?
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If you want an inside scoop into Amazon I'm your man...

Your WLB at Amazon is EXTREMELY team-dependent. If you choose the right team, WLB will be great! If you choose the wrong team, well, goodbye weekends as you're put into a 5-week oncall rotation with lots of ops.

There's something psychologically crushing about settling in for the night and hearing that pager go BONG because someone forgot to set up the metric endpoints for a region deployment last night and caused a Sev-2 alarm. But hey, the pay is good.
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