Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
Chatbox/Preference Changes and Additions
  • Added a slider for the volume of Music and Sound Effects respectively in the chatbox menu. (Music control affects both in-game music and music from examining profiles.)
  • Auto scroll setting no longer locks control or slowly scrolls when multiple messages are received quickly.
  • Chat options menu now has a scroll bar if your window is too small.
  • Top Bar color now affects the scrollbar.
  • Settings in the chat options menu now have tooltips if you hover over them.
  • Preference list (the one not in the chatbox) is now sorted alphabetically.
  • Added Quiet Person preference; lets you turn off Quiet Person mumbling or make it a smaller message type.
  • If profile music does not play due to a YouTube error, a message will be shown in chat.

New Item Potentials
Added item potentials to the following weapons.
  • Jackhammer
  • Gel'Naia
  • Crystal Blade
  • Seiryuu Tessen
  • Chorusaf
  • Magical Comet

EXPERIMENTAL: Turn Initiative Adjustments
These adjustments are based on feedback saying that when Die Hard triggers for fast units, their weakened state puts their party at a disadvantage, and that Youkai potentially pushing down other party members or the summoner could often lead to unwanted effects (such as the summoner being vulnerable for too long).

These changes are experimental and may be undone in the near future (even if the new turn system is not).
  • Die Hard now causes your initiative to be 0 during the turn it trigger.
  • Youkai now have an initiative value of 0.

Elemental Impact Adjustments
  • Galren - Generic damage bonus changed to 4
  • Rank (from 2
  • Rank).
  • Lightning Criticals - Instead of a percentage modifier to the damage, now gains a flat damage bonus of your Lightning ATK (Ampage gives +3 damage per SR).

  • Explosion - Now has a 2 round CD.

Rune Magician
  • Smoking Rune - Resonate effect changed to a placement effect.

Demon Hunter
  • Bellowing Stag - Cinders LV for elemental impact was incorrectly 75% Fire ATK; now 25% Fire ATK as intended.

HUD Transparency & Hide HUD Adjustments
Currently if you hide the HUD, it is hidden for everyone in your party, and your HUD transparency setting can lead to flickering in other party member's HUDs. This change is meant to address that.
  • Adjusted HUD Transparency settings and the Hide HUD command to no longer affect other party members.

Note: It's possible I may have overlooked something while adjusting this, just post any issues you have on the forums when the update is live.
Item Adjustments
  • Ryeser - Effect changed. On Critical: Inflict the target with Clumsy until your next turn. (Clumsy prevents the use of movement skills that aren't basic movement.)

  • Emote limit increased to 3,000 characters.
  • Smoke Screens no longer block vision.