Is there a way to program the delay of an icon instead of using the actual icon manager in Dream Maker?

I ask because, if some of you have seen I am working with a system in which turfs can have multiple colors when the world first starts up, like different hues of trees and stuff.

The same is for the water, but on top of that, I'd like the turfs to have a somewhat randomized delay in the animation it has so it looks like different parts of the water are moving at different speeds.

Right now I do the color bit by simplying using the icon's directions to have different colors and then on New(), the turf randomly chooses a direction, setting the color.

I realize that I could probably do this by making several instances of the icons and setting the animation speed on there, but I'd really like to just have to use one.
The only way to do this currently is to use separate icon states and flip through them via animate():
animate(src, /* starting appearance */, loop = -1)
for(var/state in states)
animate(time = /* frame delay */, icon_state = state)

There are a few feature requests for it, though:

I'm guessing "atom.play_rate" from the list for 514+ also refers to this feature:
Thank you!

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