How to Pixel on Photoshop Tutorial: Downloads [PC version] [Mac Version]
Or, Direct Links (I'd actually suggest the downloads unless you have some sort of godlike internet connection, this file is very "long". >.>) ZoomTutoriaPC.png [PC version] ZoomTutorial1.png [Mac Version] [Both Versions] (You cant click links on pngs so use this when you come across links)

This is for people who want to learn Photoshop for the sole purpose of pixel art; And of course for those who already have it but get confused. If you're a long time PS user and these aren't the only problems you have, consider taking a look.
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Preview: (Zoom Tool -> Fit to Screen)
Make sure you click those links in the main tutorial; two of them link to two other tutorials which contain useful information.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What am I supposed to do when I've downloaded the tutorial?
A: Read it, while your photoshop is also open.

Q: So this tutorial should Improve my Pixel Art skills right?
A: Hell no. I can give you a better basketball but that don't mean you'll be a better baller.

Q: Is it only supposed to have pictures on it?
Q: Nvm, didnt see the bottom.
nice job fairly in depth view. It will help with the basics. I still keep to my Ms paint but photoshop does help with special effects such as water also shading is a cinch with photoshop.
Awesome im definetly getting into this o_o
Photoshop sometimes confuses me when it comes to Pixel Art
It is a great job. I am also confuses that when photoshop comes to Pixel Art.