Ninjas Roleplay Generation

by Ninjas Generation
A fantasy roleplay/pvp game based on the Narutoverse.
To start things off, sorry for the sudden down-time the team has been mostly busy with other things including situations related to the pandemic. Yogurts, GHST & other members of the staff have managed to gather up enough ethic to work on this pre-big-update. This update will basically be the official stable version for NG BEFORE the implementation of The Hidden Mist Village(Kirigakure) and the rest of the rare mutations & clans. That will be V2.0. Until then, we hope to gather up enough players to stack a stable playerbase all the while creating a greater atmosphere for the new era of Naruto Roleplay.

Version 1.5 includes the following:

- Bird Messenger System(People can send scrolls/items across the globe via Bird Messenger by paying a fee. Official Chuunin and higher ranking ninjas from essential villages are voided from this fee of course. Rogue's are unfortunate with the highest fee toll.))

- Village Funding System(Much like the prior Reputation System, villages compete for money rather than "fame". At the start of most wipes or at upon an initial Kage-selection, the Kage is given around 50,000senryo to hold for the village. This 50,000 can be used for many IC things, but most importantly should be used to Tier-Up their economy, which gives boosts to multiple things amongst the village whole eg; The Clothing boosts getting a higher increase, village gaurds becoming stronger, making enemies more vunerable to being seen while hiding/sneaking through village, etc. Although spending ryo is the key, stacking it is another competition- the golden age. The village with the most money is placed into a Golden-Age period that lasts for some time, during this period, training/missions give better exp/boosts/ryo/etc. )

- Rogue Leaders System(Much like Akatsuki, people are now given the choice to create and construct their own gangs/cults/organizations. They are given a choice to use a default uniform, or use a custom one that they made on their own- ontop of customizing their ranks, titles, etc. They are also given a Hideout and a secret password much like the Akatsuki Ranks are given for a place to camp out. Becoming a Rogue Leader is obtained strictly through IC, with enough reason, following, and RP- anyone can become one.)

- Custom Missions System(Aside from the Priority missions you may get from the Mission Board here and there, people may come across rather 'sketchy' missions from time to time. With Jounins and Kages being able to hand out Customized Missions with customized rewards, expect the unexpected even if its expected. This was also a system alot of people suggested so why not.)

- New Bijuu System(Bijuu's spawn. They do. Some may spawn once every few months, once every few years, once every few decades, every few days.. When they come, you'll know. Most of them will spawn calm or asleep so there's no need to fear of random onslaughts- but if there was to be an IC-interaction/fight against one, be sure to know what you're doing. Sealing Bijuu's into people as Jinchurikki will mostly be a difficult task since most will not possess the ability to do so, but if someone does- they have the ultimate free will into whom they assign the Bijuu too, but there is a dangerous chance that it might kill either the host, or the sealer, in most cases both will surive though.)

- Director Mode System(For the Full-Roleplayers, I've implemented a system just for you. Unlike RP-Mode the turn-based mode, Direct Mode will be more writing involved. In this event, both rpers have to agree whether they want to interact in Director Mode, whether it be learning/teaching or fighting/killing. In this mode, it's mostly typing unless said otherwise from both parties. The fight can go as creatively as you imagine it to be, and you can use the tools of RP-Flags and even your jutsus from time to time to give you a better visual of what is going on.)

As we approach July, we just wanted to get this out so we can squash the rumors of us dying out. Aslong as the player-base sticks around, we'll stick around- and until then we hope to dish out the best damn nrp there is.

The guys.