When i launch BYOND, it goes through the usual launching stuff, and the small square thing slowly fades away, after that BYOND is running, i know that because of task manager, but it never opens visibly, i can't launch games or anything like that
I'm on windows 7 if it matters
First make sure byond.exe is closed in the task manager.

Try going to your BYOND user data directory, which should be in Documents\BYOND. Look for the cfg folder, then under that you should find pager.txt. Open that and delete the window-pos line, and save. If the pager is merely appearing offscreen that should fix it.
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sorry for the late reply, it was pretty late for me

I saw some of the previous posts on simmilar issues so i already tried looking for pager.txt, and as far as i see there is no window-pos line by deafult for me, should i send a screenshot pager.txt?
Hey! update on the situation, after i deleted some of the BYOND folders on my desktop/in my downloaded files, and running byond from the program files folder, it began working, not sure what made it work but the issue is solved now, thanks for trying to help!

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