Well, this holiday is gonna be ruined, because there aren't any big fireworks displays around. Maybe on TV, but TV doesn't count. But a holiday weekend it is nonetheless, which is why this week's news is coming early.

I've been working right along on bug fixes for 513 maintenance, working towards a new release on that, while also getting in some new stuff for 514. Just like last week, development's been kind of interrupted with life, but I'm still getting things done.

On the 514 front, I finished with time zone stuff and have moved on to working on world.movement_mode, which should help improve some things with the movement system in BYOND. What if your game wants to use only tiles? What if it's strictly pixel-based and doesn't want to use any legacy behavior? That's what this new feature aims to address.

There's still a lot to work out for particles, but I think I've decided that the best way to handle them is to attach the particle set to a movable atom as an ancillary feature like vis_contents are. I don't see the need to let them attach to a turf or image since those can use vis_contents anyway, and definitely not to an area. But having figured that out is one step down out of several, and it's nice to be moving forward with these early decisions.

One thing I talked about recently is that I'd like to explore a way of optimizing proc lookups on objects, which is something I can get into more in today's Patreon post. It's the kind of feature I think could really help a lot of games, but at the same time I expect it to run into hiccups early on, especially with one game in particular whose complexity always throws me curve balls.

Thanks everyone who helped support BYOND last month! I love you guys and I'm working on great new things for you. Now go partake of some red meat and pyrotechnics so I can enjoy them vicariously!
Good stuff.

I'm saving a bundle this 4th since I'm not blowing up my savings for the entertainment of others. Going to be chill. Might get together with some neighbors to grill and play some corn-hole.

Curious, do Patreon and subscribestar people get the same content? I can understand if there are different payment schemes for different content so I'm not sure if I'm missing out on some stuff or not.
On Patreon I do early-access under-the-hood posts; SubscribeStar I treat more journal-y. Both get access to the special Discord.
Hrmmm... maybe repost all generally available content in discord under a special channel?