Hello, Good morning, evening, and good night.

I was trying to use the usual go-to method by filling out a customer support form but unfortunately it told me to check back again in a few hours. So here we are, I'm writing this to see if I can get the account ban lifted off of HaxRp( ) or it's recovery process going. If I can remember, the account was banned because of a chargeback issue that was never paid off, reasons for this was possibly because I was using my ex's card(Which I always used) at the time, and she had called the bank on me two weeks after, after alittle disagreement.

Regardless, fast forward a few 5-6 years later; asking now if maybe I can replace what was expected and perhaps an interest if it calls for it in hopes of recollecting the account.

For any verification of me being the owner to that account pls feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading