Pokemon BlueFire

by RareScar
Pokemon BlueFire
Conquer dungeons and surviving event challenges! Up to 200+ Pokemon available!
A lil update about version 5: I would like to reach as many people as I can before I retire from this game with version 5, but at the same time I wanna keep the returning players each season support the game and single players that wanna keep it as it is. So, version 5 will have a small story apart from Elysius' life. I'll incorporate Trainers in an "alternated universe" I would say, where humans are. Elysius is the world Pokemon see when they are inside their Pokeball, that simple.

The game will start at the Trainer world. You will be able to select a trainer icon and, possibly, edit the icon. A problem happens in the Pokeball network, a virus, that infects Elysius. So, humans connect to this Elysius world in order to use their Pokemon to fight this "virus". Being in Elysius, you'll just use your Pokemon as you normally would. I'll later add more stuff for Trainers to do in their world, possibly catching Pokemon, but we'll see.

There's a catch though. In order to recreate how the game behaves to make this Trainer world work, all returning players will have their save file erased, in both your computer and/or the server you're connected to. This means: progress and medals. Don't go crazy.... the game will backup all your Pokemon before it deletes the save file. In order to receive all your Pokemon back, you'll need an item in the game to make them available. The game will also keep your score. I didn't really want anybody to lose their score, unless you guys really want to.

There ya go.

I'm out.