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When I play around with the world view it effects hud objects and smaller resolutions aren't able to see certain things.
How do I go about making everything auto fit no matter what the resolution is.
Use values relative to the client's map element size.
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GreatPirateEra wrote:
Use values relative to the client's map element size.

Could you provide a quick example of rudamentary code showing how this would be done. I am having a similar problem.
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You can use the special keywords like NORTH and SOUTH, or TOP and BOTTOM, in the screen_loc var to position objects relative to the map control.

Are you sure you want to give players a different view size though? Might be better to keep it constant and only allow the window to be resized...

Anyway, the reference on screen_loc has sections about these keywords and how to use them with offsets:

The edges of the map may also be referenced by using directions, such as "3,NORTH". For convenience, the order of coordinates is arbitrary when using directions, so one may specify y before x as in "NORTH,WEST". In expressions such as the latter, you may also leave out the comma. Icon size is not taken into account, so a big icon with a screen_loc of "SOUTHEAST" will extend further to the right and may create a border (see "Outside the map" below).

The CENTER keyword can also be used. This can be used alone to completely center the object, or as either the x or y component. If the map covers an even number of tiles in either direction, pixel offsets will be applied automatically. Centering is relative to the regular map edges, and it does not take the icon's size into account.

The LEFT, RIGHT, TOP, and BOTTOM keywords (also TOPLEFT, TOPRIGHT, BOTTOMLEFT, BOTTOMRIGHT) can be used to anchor a screen object to the edge of the map control if the map is zoomed in so that some pixels are cut off. When you use these edge-alignment keywords, the icon size is taken into account, and the alignment of the icon changes to fit whichever edge you use. Because these keywords do not conform to the normal tile-based structure of the HUD, they can't be used for a range of tiles with the "to" format.