There is Infinite loading, and there is also no percentages when loading.The registry path in the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Dantom BYOND Userpath-C:\Users\sss\Documents\BYOND\ .Option with renaming files in documents that the game would reload them checked. What are some tips for fixing the problem in this case?
I didn't understand the part about renaming files. Can you clarify?
Here in this post said, I quote: Once you have located the BYOND user directory, locate the folder called cfg, ensure that BYOND is closed using the task manager, then rename cfg to cfg.old and attempt to launch the BYOND pager.
In 2 hours, the download instantly filled up to 100 and the inscription Loading live games from Byond hub appeared, is this a good sign?
It sounds like something is interfering with BYOND's operation. Perhaps your security or antivirus software is causing a problem?
The Windows firewall is disabled, and there is no antivirus for a long time already, from utilities there is only CCleaner, but I do not think that it can interfere with the download.
I suggest running Process Monitor and checking what it shows for byond.exe. That might highlight a problem or at least give us data to work with.
404, but please use a real image site.
Fixed, it should work
Honestly I'm not comfortable with an .ru site. Imgur is a thing.
Do I reload the screen through Imgur? (I just did not immediately understand what you mean)
Perhaps this is due to the fact that the Internet goes directly through the cable and my provider can block certain ports. Maybe this information will help somehow.
That appears to be only one page of the log. Can you export that to a spreadsheet or something and send me a link?
I'm looking through your log file and the main thing that stands out to me is that you have entries that say "INVALID DEVICE REQUEST" in the result field, with the detail saying "Control: FSCTL_LMR_QUERY_DEBUG_INFO". I have no such entries on my own system.

This seems to be fairly difficult to look up, but what little I've been able to tease out of search engines is that this message has something to do with your file system and maybe with the way specific folders or drives are mounted.

The error messages are occurring for C:, C:\Users, C:\Users\sss, and so on all the way down to C:\Users\sss\Documents\BYOND\pager\custom. To me, this suggests that either the C: drive itself and Users might be setup in a weird way, or there's a permissions issue getting in your way. But this is just a best educated guess.
There are ideas how to fix this, for example, change all folders that have “INVALID DEVICE REQUEST” in the result field. How only?
And if you immediately put the entire folder from the documents, and I install it in my folder, do you think this will help? It seems that there is a problem in downloading files or it’s not enough, so does the registry affect and after downloading documents the game will not work correctly? (I would like to ask you, but theoretically I can ask my friends to download byond and send me a folder with documents)
There is still a thought, can change the way. Change C: \ Users \ sss \ Documents \ BYOND to C: \ Games \ BYOND for example?
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