Changing the user data path to something like C:\Games\BYOND might help this in theory, especially if there's something wrong with the permissions in your Users directory (or if it's mounted in OneDrive, which is a common problem).
It seems that the error has changed after changing the folder
Already the problem seems to be hidden in the folder where the game is installed. Just in case, I will make a note that version 512.1488 is installed. This version is required on one of the servers
Maybe you need more information to solve my problem, do you have any ideas?
What does the new error say? I don't see much point in downloading that new log and poring through it at length to figure out what changed.

Also, what happens if you run 513? 512 is no longer supported anyway.
Without changes
Another user who was having issues created a new user account on hos computer and the problem vanished. He was able to confirm that the problem was a lack of write permission in the directories.
I checked on another user and it was the same without any changes. And can you talk about directories, how to give them permission? (Or can this be achieved only by changing the user?)
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