organ_tag = BP_HEAD
icon_name = "head"
name = "head"
slot_flags = SLOT_BELT
max_damage = 75
min_broken_damage = 35
body_part = HEAD
vital = 1
parent_organ = BP_CHEST
joint = "jaw"
amputation_point = "neck"
gendered_icon = 1
encased = "skull"
artery_name = "cartoid artery"
arterial_bleed_severity = 5

var/can_intake_reagents = 1
var/eye_icon = "eyes_s"
var/list/teeth_list() = list()
var/max_teeth = 32
var/eye_icon_location = 'icons/mob/human_face.dmi'

Problem description: So, i don't know what's wrong here, but the dream maker said this 24:error: bad argument definition, so someone can help me to solve this out ???

Please edit your post. The code should go inside the <dm> ... </dm> tags, and your other text should go outside of the B tags for readability.

It will also help if you can point out which line has the error message.

var/list/teeth_list() = list()

I thought this line would cause the error, but then I tried compiling it and this totally works. I've never put () after the variable declaration, is there a purpose to that?? I thought it had to be

var/list/teeth_list = list()

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