I have tried deleting and re-installing byond multiple times now, yet the problem continues to persist without fail. This has been happening for months now but I have gotten tired of it and I need help to fix my BYOND. I've run out of ideas and I am not using any antivirus software either. Please Help.
Give us more information please. Which BYOND version are you using? What is your full user data path for BYOND (usually Documents\BYOND)? Are you using a Japanese system locale? Is your user directory mounted in OneDrive, which interferes with BYOND?
This is a very late response but hello, Im using version 513 and this has been happening for me even before 513 so i dont know if its byonds fault. I am not using the Japanese system local and there has been a time when it did load, but one day it just never did it again for some reason. I will check the user data path and the one drive but everything should be fine

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