It's been a crazy hot week, and that means development has been scattered, with a lot of it taking place at night. But despite the swelter I managed to get a lot more done than I expected.

513 saw its first maintenance release this week, clearing out some annoying items that had been in the queue, but I do still have some small bugs on my plate to look at as time permits. Most of the issues at hand are related to preprocessor parsing, so... not the kind of thing I can throw too much time at before my brain melts.

For 514, I've been working more on world.movement_mode and all the server-side aspects are, in theory, done. That leaves client-side stuff, map editor stuff (a minor item but one I shouldn't overlook) and then a lot of testing.

I took a detour, however, to implement a cool new filter: bloom! I'd talked about the possibility of a bloom filter before, but I finally found a good way to implement it and once I had that in mind, it was actually pretty straightforward to plow ahead with it. The new filter looks pretty cool just in a simple test project, so I'm excited to see what people do with it—especially once particles are available.

But particles are gonna have to get some serious attention soon, so I'd better start prepping the behind-the-scenes stuff to get ready for them, even though all the syntax stuff has yet to be worked out. Hopefully by the time I get there it won't be so bad to come up with the language changes we'll need.

Thanks everyone who's helped support BYOND as Members, or through Patreon or SubscribeStar! You make it possible for me to put in all this cool new stuff, and I'm excited to see what you'll do with it.

This summer's looking like a complete lost cause now, especially now that the Fair has been canceled. All the more reason to get some serious game development done, right? Have at it, and keep cool as best you can!
What kind of chair are you using? Was gonna buy that Ultimate Purple Seat Cushion thing but they don't ship to me...Amazon didn't have it either, so I'll be using a spatula to get off the chair from now on.