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BYOND 513 has completed its beta cycle and has sent 512 to the retirement center! To celebrate, Lummox JR compiled a brief list of features and new additions and unveiled a wish-list of features under consideration (or in some cases, already implemented to various degrees) for 514. Features like new assignment and null-condition operators, bloom filters, time zone considerations, native particle effects, and breaking the blend of pixel and tile movement.


A new website has been launched for Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar! And a website isnít the only new happening in the game, as the map has also been evolving, as depicted here. The patch notes dictate that bonus activity points can be earned during times of inactivity, many spells have seen changes to their effects and costs, crafting is less tedious, and a year spins by 20% faster.

Sigrogana Legend 2 took on some new help after putting out a call for new event-admins to host and oversee RP events in the role-playing fantasy game. Devourer Of Souls also reports that the game also continues to grow, with a handful of skills being balanced to account for the new turn-based combat system. A half-dozen weapons have new potentials, independent HUD transparency is now an option, and new text-formatting options are available for in-character communications.

Poplava managed to navigate through the ActionBar in Loot Grinder and has now been focused on improving the interface elements for Dialogs, including portraits, dynamic object positions, and borders. Prior to that quagmire, he was making progress on user progression, laying out the main quest and map advancement. Keep up on his progress through the DreamCrafters Discord.

Crazah has tuned in to announce that Zenithís Call is experimenting with a new feature, splicing the combat plane and the world map plane together and rendering them as one. For those not familiar with how combat in the game works, Crazah shared a video showing the new overlaying effect. A whole slew of additional fixes and QOL improvements have been made, so check those out over on their Discord.

Kumorii has begun work on a new monster-shooter! Sure, in the video it may appear to be Feed, but he assures that those appearances are temporary placeholders while new imagery is crafted. He also mentions and demonstrates that projectiles are functional, while being less complex than his previous shoots, and dismemberment is possible, so keep your hands to yourself!

Adding to the repertoire of monstrosities in Dark Star, Bravo1 introduces the Slugger! The slugger is a nightmarish cactus-like creature that reacts violently to impacts of any kind, and while fixated in one place, creates an evidently impassable barrier of thrashing needles. Fortunately, it appears there will be ways around.

Straw Hat Creations is sailing on with a slew of recent additions to their pirate-themed RPG, Kaizoku! Skills for several classes have been learned, new races have been discovered, and the main character icon has been redesigned. Videos depicting skills and player-versus-NPC combat have been shared, and Killakev created some unique fire-themed graphics.

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  • LegoBumb offers a simple proc to encourage developers to avoid del()ing objects and keep track of references.
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