Its castle i am working give me some Idea of what it need and what i should add
it looks like a hat
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XskyflakezX wrote:
it looks like a hat
Well that may be at the moment but i am not looking for that i am looking for feedback and ideas
but thanks
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Read more tutorials. Practice on something WAY smaller.
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ok well i am going to finish it and then repost what i got befor i go and scrap it
Most people tend to stay away from heavy outlines, must less outlines in general. But if your going to have an outline, the least you need to do is have it constant, and not vary in widths. Plus your using pillowshading, and for something that big, you can't do that if you want it to 1. look good and 2. to look round and possibly even 3d. You could probably use some windows, at the moment it does actually look like a hat with some jewels on it!