Well, since this is the first time I had applied for a job, I didn't really know what to do.
I took the application, filled it out, then turned it into the lady who worked there, and she just said "thanks".
(BTW, it was Little Caesar's where I applied to).

Are they supposed to call you? Or are you supposed to call them?

I don't really get the whole applying for a job / getting it thing.
So can someone who has a job like this help me out?
How old are you Dalze, first?
I'm 18.
Dalze wrote:
I'm 18.

Oh, then they're going to call you if they've approved it or I think they'll want to interview you first...
Do you know how long that usually takes (to call back, I mean)?
Dalze wrote:
Do you know how long that usually takes (to call back, I mean)?

I don't really know, but you should of asked that when you turned in your Application, thats what I've would of done at first.
I should've asked.
It was awkward as I didn't really know what to do.
Your 18 and this is your first job app.?

Oh boy.
Well, I've applied to other places, but they have all been online. So this is has been my first "traditional" application I guess.
You'll usually be called in 30 days. If not, then you obviously didn't get the job, or an interview.
I would suggest calling them up and just saying you were curious when you might be able to expect a response. If you are polite about it, they should have no problem telling you the deal.

It varies totally from company to company, and depending on the hiring manager.
I agree with Deadron. I use the same 'technique' (I guess you could call it that) for every job I apply for, and it works out most of the time. What I usually do is wait about a week after I return my application, then if I haven't gotten a response or interview, I call them, tell them my name and ask for an interview.

Employers usually like to know that people are actually /interested/ in working there....until they actually find out that the job sucks, but by then they're already hired and they have to quit or get fired. It's a win/lose situation.
I have to agree with Deadron and Corruption here. Just show them you actually want the job.
Yeah Dalze. Give them a call and see what the deal is. Just be polite though.

- Misch
Yeah, but see, the problem is that I don't know the manager's number.

I don't think I can just call the store number and ask about it.

I mean, the conversation would be weird:

"Hello, what is your order?"
"Oh, well, I was wondering, if you guys still had job openings."
"Small, Medium, Or Large sir?"

We;; dont think like that. Just call them and ask. usually they dont get upset. I mean who really has the manager's number anyways. I know when i applied to BCK i had to have a referal from a freind. but those are big companies. just keep trying. I usually call after 2 weeks to GIve them a chance.
hey my sister works a there!!! you get alll the free pop you want on your work hours and 1 medine pizza after your shift!!! cool huh!
Call them up for certain, or go in and check on your application. Just be friendly, make yourself presentable. And if possible, get the name of the manager, it always seems much better when someone asks for them by name.
Danny wrote:
How old are you Dalze, first?

He said he was 18, 18 times plp
Lol, im just happy Dalze is back, since his comp fried, i felt back for him. :D Welcome back :P
Hey Dalze hope your job search went well but can you fix my Subscription please?
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