With the heat wave over I've been able to get more done this week, although in so many ways it feels like I got less done because I was mainly on one project instead of hopping around to different things.

The mouse macroification that was suggested last week turned out to be a very interesting project, but it necessitated some ground work—some of which was very overdue. For instance, the mouse routines typically all had a handful of very similar structures for passing points like the tile that was hit, icon offsets, and the vis-x/vis-y parameters, plus other info besides. It made a lot of sense to group all of that together into a single structure that would greatly simplify mouse foo. I'd been wanting to make that change for a long time but now I realized it was the only way to go forward without losing my mind.

After that change however a bunch of testing was required, and then I had to work on the macroification itself. This presented a number of problems because of the way mouse commands are actually parsed—or to be precise, how they're not parsed and why that matters. I'll go into more detail about that one on today's Patreon post.

I'm currently wondering about formatting issues, and working out how to change embedded wingets of all kinds (not just for mouse macros) to allow for different types of formatting instead of forcing a specific format. This way it'll be possible to build custom parameter lists, or decide if a value should be quoted (if need be) if it's text and being used as an argument in a command.

There are some 513 issues on the list however and I intend to get back to them soon. There's an animation bug that I thought would be fixed by a change I had been planning for 514, but when I implemented that change the bug persisted. So something's still a little wonky with transitions that the overhaul I worked on did not entirely fix. Some SS13 servers also have an issue that has defied explanation, so it will need some long-term planning to suss out.

If you're not a BYOND Member yet, hey, summertime is a great time to accumulate loose change and pass it on to your friendly neighborhood developer. My thanks as ever go out to everyone who's helped support BYOND and keep development going.

Weather permitting, I may soon decide to poke the bear and cook a steak. Wish me luck!
Keep up the good work

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