Jack Bones Shards of Memory

by Raffile
A tortured soul, remembering who he is
It's been awhile since I have done a devlog. Got sick, wasn't feeling up to it, so on so fourth (Yes with Covid, it sucked but I'm alive)

But I do have news on Jack Bones! Finally right? Ha. Anyways I have been doing a lot of different things as I stated in the last post, doing the pause screen is a major one that I knew -needed- to get done but I have also taken a LONG time producing general GUI's (still have some more to do, I just figured it was time to update the build) as well as polished the combat so you could attack multiple targets in front of you and tweaked how far you can attack.

This has been a long and hard process to get the game to where it currently is, ha but I still enjoy the project and even though I haven't done a devlog in a long time I do keep the byond discords updated on various show and tell/dev showcase channels on several discords that I know of.

We also have some new aesthetics from a new entry to my team (My girlfriend/mother of my child) producing new trees and shrubs! (They look beautiful)

So the plan now is to move into scene writing for the game, changing the start of the game completely so Beet doesn't just walk up and start talking to you BUT INSTEAD starting you lost in the forest walking around aimlessly until you are found.

Sadly I was alerted about some spelling errors pretty late and had already posted the build in other locations :/ but I will fix the errors for next update.

Also even though status works, resistances currently do not. This is known to me, I am still working out the elemental system and thus it is not ready yet.

The new build can be downloaded from here, https://www.indiedb.com/games/jack-bones-shards-of-memory

Well, I think that is most of it.

Thank you all and until next time,


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