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Ya know what, I'm going to take Microsoft's off the list, because of the truncated __FILE__ macro in the runtime errors, Microsoft expanded it and added [rootdir]:\dir/ect/or/y/to/source/file/file.extension, where as Dev-C++ for sure doesn't.

Actually, the Windows version is compiled with MSVC++, just not the latest version due to some compatibility issues.

Woah, maybe I need to find out which version and buy that. ( I can downgrade! :P ) That's the only reason that I prefer to use Dev-C++, because of the whole expanded __FILE__ macro. Well, as soon as I figure out how to create my own type of __FILE__ macro, I'll go back to MSVC++ :P.
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I'll admit, I've never reverse engineered an application by myself, but me and friends have. And I never saw myself as a serious threat, I was simply stating that going into the details of reverse engineering/disassembly was a topic that could be a serious threat(towards Dantom) if someone happens to get an idea and starts learning assembly, etc. (and happens to reverse engineer byond.)

I don't see what the threat would be :P. There is no way anyone is going to do any large scale manipulation of the machine code. Most the uses of breaking down a program in ASM are to break security checks and attempt to reverse engineer various algorithms to build seperate clients that mimick various functionality. Doing this to cheat in BYOND wouldn't get you much as clients are only sent the bare minimum of data for whats in their view and one tile outside of it.

There's only one reason I can think of for someone to want to reverse engineer DS, DM, or DD, and that'd be to figure out how DM parses the .dmb files so that they can reverse engineer any game they want that they can get the .dmb file of.
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If that were the case, they'd be better off spending their time reverse engineering something worth reverse engineering.

Of course, there are always people out there who do things just because they can...
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