This thread is hilarious. I'm getting some serious 2008 BYOND vibes.
Here's the thing, guys: There's a good reason BYOND doesn't police rips, and this is it.

Inevitably these kinds of disputes come down to a point where one person is saying one thing, someone else is saying another, and they can bring out however many character witnesses they like to back them up, but the history is far too muddied. Usually both sides think they're in the right, because people interpreted promises of ownership or exclusivity differently.

Regarding any ransomed source, it apparently didn't happen on BYOND (by which I mean the site/hub, not in a game) and that puts it outside of anything I could ever look at. Same with whatever's going on with this woman who was mentioned.

I've heard from both sides now, and both are claiming to be the victim of someone acting in bad faith. Which is telling the truth? One, the other, both a little bit, or neither at all? This isn't something I could ever sort out.
Listen like I mentioned in the messages I just want my name off his hub. Its far too late to get the source taken down and I have instead already shared it with my player base

But as for he said she said, I would absolutely love to see Myst provide any kind of proof I acted out of bad faith. Instead of just saying ive done these things or saying this happened I've been able to show it all while he sits there and claims it but "doesn't want to show you"
The admins aren't responsible for slapping your name out of someone else's mouth.

You keep changing what you want and the nature of your complaint.
It's because of things like this that the fangame community is so looked down upon ffs. Grow up, stop sharing rips and sources and stop involving yourselves w ppl who are apparently harassing women. Not that hard to do.
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Ter13 wrote:
The admins aren't responsible for slapping your name out of someone else's mouth.

You keep changing what you want and the nature of your complaint.

I kept changing the nature of my complaint? I changed my request as the circumstances changed, obviously requesting for something to be prevented after it's already been done is impossible so why would I still request this? I can't request for a game to be shutdown if it's he said she said, so why would I request this?. The nature of my complaint has been the same from the start, hell my first post was requesting for a support method and at the time that method was unavailable.

You keep bringing this too me like I'm trying to be nefarious and do something nasty, I still don't see how a place that is trying to create a professional image is willing to allow behaviour like that on a public access location.

At this point I'm just going to stop as clearly it's not getting anywhere, I'm just digging myself in a hole and I understand all of your perspectives. I shouldn't have brought it on the forum, like Lummox said he said she said and determining what's really going on will just lead everything in circles. It creates a mess and I apologize for doing that here

Thank you, and I'm sorry for wasting your times. I'll just leave it at that
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Wow. You started this topic just because that Mystery guy released source code to some game. Maybe, just maybe, it would've been little justified if the game was some masterpiece and you had rights to it, but... Firstly it's NARUTO game, secondly, the game uses RPG maker assets everywhere (basically every terrain, tree, water, etc. is from RPG Maker) which is considered stealing. (You cannot use RPG maker assets in non-RPG maker games).

The problem with Naruto games on BYOND is that if those games had exacly the same mechanics, just changed theme from Naruto to some original one - no one would play them.
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Dude, he tried to exit gracefully from this thread, which was the right thing to do. There's no point resurrecting it a week later.

I'm locking this down now.
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