The week has flown by! We're now into August proper, where it would now be legal under my future reign to advertise back-to-school sales, although the whole back-to-school concept is very much a question mark this year. Stupid 2020.

I've done some work on 513 bugs but I'm not quite ready to button up a release yet. There are some more items on my plate yet, but the next maintenance release will come soon enough.

On 514, most of my work has been on continuing forward with particle development and generator functions, which has also meant a certain degree of ripping out code I already had that I didn't like. This kind of refactoring as I go is part of the process and nothing I didn't expect, but it was worthwhile because it helped me figure out how to do some things I hadn't quite decided on yet that I wanted to have in place.

The new mouse stuff looks like it's stable enough, so I'm pretty happy about that. I do however have to spend some time documenting it for 514 which I'll probably do later today or maybe even over the weekend (depending on level of ambition and physical pain).

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Don't forget if you have any news about your game in development, contests, etc., you can contact Higoten with information for Within BYOND; he's also in several of the Discords, and always looking for interesting content.

Make the most of summer while it lasts, and have a great weekend!