Alright so I have a plot for my other project.
There's an elevator that appears by the road that you notice, a few npcs will be around and a road would be south, you'd be able to explore a small area.
At somepoint you'd be curious and enter the elevator, the doors slamming shut behind you you turn around as you notice it begins to head down a floor and suddenly stop, to open up to the area you just were a second ago but you could of sworn you moved down a floor.
As you go throughout the day you notice things slowly aren't adding up to 100%, at some point you think the elevator is to blame so you head back to see if it's still there, it is, you hop in and before you know it you go down another floor, there doesn't seem to be a control panel.
You step out and still everything seems normal, but slowly everything about reality as you "knew" it is breaking, you notice everyone is starting to act more and more on edge, tempting you back into the elevator for saftey just for everyone to seemingly become feral at some point, as if anger and hatred intensified each floor
Could be symbolism could be bullshit.
What do you think?
could have a girl skipping with balloons at the start before you get in and once you get out she's walking with them
time could reset each time? she could be walking without them the next time
time after that there are missing posters for her
could be symbolism for disorder in society or some crap idk what do u think?
I think you're nutso fruitso

It's a great idea though
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Magicsofa wrote:
I think you're nutso fruitso

Maybe I think you're fruitso nutso
It's a cool theme. It just depends what the actual game play is about. You could make it about finding differences in the dimensions to solve something. Maybe make it so the person can't go back to a previous dimension only forward.