Like, let it count down so you know when you can post again. :'(

I'm getting sick of that error.
What error is this?
You mean on the blogs?

It's only a very short delay (perhaps even under a minute)... You can't just wait?
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In all seriousness, the timer needs to be taken away for editing your blog posts. I've posted and realised I've made a trivial typo (or html error), gone to edit it and found I can't quickly change one letter in a word without having to wait like, 30-60 seconds.
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Elation wrote:
In all seriousness, the timer needs to be taken away for editing your blog posts.

Not until the system gets an upgrade to become more intelligent. With the current simple timer (done quickly to prevent more spam), removing the restriction on edits would be just as detrimental to the server as having no spam control at all. Spammers could simply reload the edit post repeatedly and watch the server become more sluggish.

We can tweak things, and a more intelligent system will come at some point.
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Yeah, that's mostly what I was complaining about. :'(
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Well, I'm definitely with Elation on the edit issue. At the very least we could cut down the timer. Clearly it's too long, for editing anyway. If you cut the time down to 10-20 seconds, it wouldn't kill the usefulness of the edit feature but would stop major spam. Not to mention, if the server got an edit submission that had identical data to the original, it could double that timeout for the next, oh, 15 minutes for that person. That seems enough to stop spam without hurting legitimate members.

Lummox JR
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While the numbers may be a little arbitrary, the concept is good.

What I want to know is this: why couldn't spammers just spam posts on the forum?