Dragon Ball AGD-SWD

by Tenji067
Dragon Ball AGD-SWD
El primer juego de Dragon Ball en !!multilenguajeĦĦ / The first game of Dragon Ball in !!multilanguage!!
Sup everyone, the server has been updated to BYOND ver. 513.1528 , due to that now will be required at least these version to play the game. It will improve a little bit the characters showed on both languages.

Taking these oportunity, I would like to tell you that BYOND version will be not updated anymore, unless a critical bug be reported, the reason is that a remake of the game have been made since january of 2.020, it will take some time and in the best case a beta version will be launched on december of these year.

Thanks for all people who gave an opportunity to these game, actually since these byodn version you will find:
- 3 cities (3th is incomplete).
- Karin's traning.
- Missions 1st and 2nd citie.
- Casino on 3rd City (slot machine and exclusive clothes).
- PVP arena (watch or fight).
- Roshi's training (incomplete).
- Few commands to help other players injured.
- Ozaru transformation.
- Basic rabbit hunt system.
- Basic raft system.
- Basic swiming system.
- 9 techniques (11 if you upgraded 2 of them).
- Improve technique system as you are using them.
- Clothers shop.
- Semi survive character system.
- Event of unique random and almost impossible boss on the caves each 30 minutes.
- 40 levels.
- Day and night cycle.
- And many small characteristichs that I don't remember right now.

It is not too much to say, despite the fact that the discord is very inactive, every 1 or 2 months I public news about the advancement of the new version in the channel #📰noticias-news.

Good bye and take care, I will see you o next time ^^