Sigrogana Legend 2

by Devourer Of Souls
Sigrogana Legend 2
Multiplayer RPG set in a unique RP-mandatory fantasy setting.
Race Adjustments
The goal of these adjustments is the following;
1) Even out races, to try and make popular ones and less popular ones closer to the same power level.
2) Lower races that are primarily stat 'sticks', such as Vampire, or are 'meta' due to their benefits, such as Glykin.
3) Somewhat normalize elemental weaknesses and resistances granted by the race to give more predictable values and prevent 'doubling up' on SAN bonuses.

NOTE: Since these changes were so extensive, a laplaceNET Present containing various non-tradeable respec items is available. Characters created before the update can claim it at a laplaceNET terminal in any Asago building.

  • Quick to Master - Also grants +2 maximum Skill Pool size.
  • Fire Wing - Fire Resistance and Wind Weakness changed to be 15% (no longer scales with SAN).
  • Reaper Physique - Ice Resistance and Wind Weakness changed to be 15% (no longer scales with SAN).
  • Golden Blood - HP Regen from this skill capped at 10 HP/round. (Instead of half of character level.)
  • Soul Rage - Can no longer cast spells while it is active.
  • From The Ashes - No longer reduces Momentum or applies Badly Beaten when triggered.
  • Revive - 3 round CD. No longer reduces Momentum or applies Badly Beaten to the revived target.
  • Impact Revive - Now also grants Revive +3 Range.
  • War Cry - FP cost changed to 25. Cooldown changed to 5 rounds. Effect changed to; The Lupine roars, affecting all enemies within a 2 Range circle. Affected enemies suffer Sound magic damage equal to 25 + your Sound ATK, and have a chance to be inflicted with Hunted (LV: 10 + 10% of Scaled SAN), as well as Fear (3 rounds for both).

    If your Instinct is activated, the damage, LV, and duration of effects increase by 25%.
  • Fleetfoot - No longer scales with SAN.
  • New Trait - Grimalkin Instinct; While Grimalkins are normally very similar to other Felidae, aside from more potential with magic and the color of their hair, there are times when this manifests even in primal fashion. Instead of the normal Felidae Instinct bonuses to SKI, CEL, LUC, and GUI, this trait replaces them with SKI, CEL, WIL, and RES, leaning them closer into magical territory than more 'mundane' Grimalkin.
  • Magia Detremus - HP Penalty changed from 50% to 30%. (Skill is otherwise the same.)
  • New Trait - Overload Magic; 30 WIL required. Being a well of magical energy has its benefits. Grants access to a toggle skill called Overload Magic. When on, you gain +15 Spell Power, but your Offensive category spells cost 25% more FP. Does not apply to spells requiring Invocations.
  • Standard Sturdy Body - Effect changed; Mech Type Trait (only 1 can be selected). Mechanations are typically known as sturdy and none embodies that as much as the standard model. While you have no torso item equipped, you are treated as having 10 Armor, 10 Magic Armor, 10 Evade, and your maximum HP is increased by your character level
  • 2 (min. 30).
  • The Mark - No longer doubles during the night. Now also grants Darkvision, greatly increasing personal vision radius during night.
  • Noctis Arcana - No longer gives a penalty during the day, but reduction changed to 25% (from 50%) at night. Now also improves Dark ATK by half of your character level (max: 15).
  • Fade Out - Changed to; Allow yourself to be covered in the shade of night, granting +20 Evade for 3 attacks, 5 rounds. (Expires after being attacked 3 times or when the duration ends.) During night hours, this skill does not cost any FP to use. (3 round cooldown).
  • New Trait: Corrupted Ink - As you have been gifted (or cursed, depending on your perspective) with the divine tattoo of the Mark, you are more resistant to the draining effects of similar tattoos. The maximum HP reduction applied by your Tattoo traits is halved.
  • Preordinance - Effect adjusted to; Capable of seeing into the future in a limited fashion, the Oracle prevents enemies from getting back attacks. Additionally, when you enter into battle, and at the start of every 3rd Round (Round 3, Round 6, etc.), you gain an Evasion charge (Premonition, infinite duration, LV of 20, new instances will replace old ones). This charge is used up when damage you take triggers Evasion, and increases the damage reduction for that specific damage instance by its LV% (IE, normal Evasion reduction is 30%. This increases it to 50%.)
  • New Trait: Swift Preordinance; Requires 15 GUI. Preordinance Trait (only 1 can be selected). Your visions are accelerated, but keeping up with them wears you out. Rather than every 3rd Round, your Preordinance evasion charge recovers every 2nd Round, but the reduction it gives is reduced by 5%.
  • New Trait: Patient Preordinance; Requires 15 GUI. Preordinance Trait (only 1 can be selected). You do not let your visions control your emotions, and you utilize them only at the most useful opportunity. Your Preordinance evasion charges will not be used unless the damage that triggered the Evasion was greater than 10% of your maximum HP.

Wild Elf
  • Hunter's Elegance; Additional effect added. Grants a Hit bonus to specific weapons based on your tribe. Bonus: +SAN/2, max of +20 Hit.
    Default: Bow
    Bornui: Dagger
    Redrayder: Axe
    Eu Yan Li; Any instrument.
  • Sanguine Crest - Effect changed to; A vampire cannot generate the key Focus required to sustain their own life, but unlike others, they can absorb it from others, most directly from their blood. Upon successfully applying Banquet to an enemy, you gain a permanent status called Sanguine Crest that boosts your STR, WIL, SKI, CEL, and DEF by 2. This effect can unlock other Vampire racial abilities, but when it ends, you gain Crest Burnout LV1 for 3 rounds, reducing those same stats by its LV. (Sanguine Crest will end after the battle, but you will not receive Crest Burnout in that case.)

    Additionally, you have a resource called Essence (max: 100 + Scaled SAN
  • 2) that is filled via Banquet and is used for your other racial skills.
  • Banquet - Effect changed to; Vampires feed by biting their target and draining their life essence for themself. Performs a basic attack with a special Vampire Bite weapon (80% STR, 40% SKI scaling, Pierce damage) on a target within 1 Range. If the attack hits, the Vampire gains Essence equal to the lower of the target's VIT or the Vampire's VIT (min. 10). Additionally, if the attack hits, Sanguine Crest activates, or if it is already active, you recover HP equal to half of your character level (excluding if the attack target had Golden Blood). 1 round CD.
  • Stillness, Darkness - Effect changed to; The unique properties of the Vampire condition reduce healing received by Mercana by 75% due to incompatibility (Mercala is the goddess of life, and her magic opposes Huggessoa, the creator of vampires, and unlife in general.)

    While Sanguine Crest is active, the power of the night wraps the Vampire with its protection, granting them +25% Darkness Resistance, but a 25% Light Weakness, but also reduces healing from non-vampiric sources by 25%, and causes Holy enchanted weapons to deal additional damage to them.
  • Lunar Lunatism - Effect changed to; The true power of the vampire is said to be linked to the moon, and anyone who has seen a vampire go all out can say for certain it has to come from somewhere. Can only be used while Sanguine Crest is active.

    You enter a moonlight rage, which drains 10 Essence per round. You gain the following effects:
    - Damage you deal will also attempt to inflict Fear on the target.
    - Enemies who attack you may be inflicted by Hesitation.
    - Enemies facing you at the start of a new round have a chance to be inflicted with Charm.
    - Recover 15% of your Scaled SAN as FP every round.
    Inflicted status effects last for 3 rounds, and have LVs equal to half of your Scaled SAN.

    When this effect ends, so does Sanguine Crest. You can use this skill again to end Lunar Lunatism (the Momentum cost of this skill will be refunded).
  • New Trait: Lunar Cleansing - 15 FAI Required. Lunatism trait (only 1 can be selected). The power of lunatism washes over your mind, purifying it. When you activate Lunar Lunatism, you cure yourself of Fear, Hesitation, Charm, and Confusion, and become immune to those status effects for its duration. However, the Essence per-round cost of it increases by 5.
  • New Trait: Lunar Madness - 15 STR Required. Lunatism trait (only 1 can be selected). The power of lunatism turns you into a barbarian, granting 10 Armor and Magic Armor penetration while active, but also inflicting Confusion on yourself as a substatus tied to Lunar Lunatism. (Substatuses last as long as the main status does.)
  • New Trait: Lunar Swiftness - 15 CEL Required. Lunatism trait (only 1 can be selected). The power of lunatism grants you superhuman speed, increasing your Move by 1 and Evade by 10 for its duration. However, the Essence per-round cost of it increases by 5.
  • Holy - Now only applies bonus damage to Vampires if they have Sanguine Crest active (as noted in Stillness).
  • Bright Darkness - Now decreases base Holy modifier to 40% (from 50%).
  • Life Drain - Will now trigger the new Sanguine Crest.
  • Invite Insanity - Effect changed; The Papilion lives in illusion, making others see what isn't actually there. Targets 1 empty tile within 3 Range and creates an attackable Butterfly Illusion. At the start of a new round, it moves towards a nearby enemy. If it's close to them, it will destroy itself. When destroyed, the illusion can inflict either Blind, Fear, Charm, Poison, or Silence (randomly chosen) for 2 rounds on enemies within 1 Range.

    If Aposemagika is active, a butterfly is summoned to a random empty square for free every round. The FP cost of this skill is equal to your Scaled SAN.
  • Aposemagika - Effect changed; Passive: On battle start, deploy a permanent Aposemagika LV0 field effect, which increases the Status Infliction of Aposemagika users by LV%. (+2 LV if butterflies are destroyed next to an enemy, +1 LV if you succeed with a luck-based status infliction, max LV20).

    Active: This skill requires a Rank D Invocation (see the Invocation talent for more details). The Papilion creates a cocoon of focus around themself while Invoking. Once cast, increases the Power of your Spells by LV (LV = 6+1 per 10 Character Levels), and can inflict a variety of status effects against melee attackers. This lasts for 6 rounds. Aposemagika field LV20 lets you cast this skill without an invocation, but it gains an 8 round cooldown.